Colorado Wedding at The Pines by Wedgewood Weddings

As a Colorado wedding photographer, I have had the honor of shooting at The Pines by Wedgewood Weddings. Michelle and Sean got married here in the fall on a gorgeous day.

Bride Gets Ready for the Wedding

One of my favorite parts of this shoot was having the golden evening light pour through the massive pine trees, creating the perfect backdrop for this fairytale day. I love how the day started out by hanging a wedding dress on some vibrantly colored aspen trees. If you’re interested in having a wedding in Colorado during the fall, this venue could be a great option for you!

wedding dress in aspen leaves
fall colors wedding rings on tree
bride at the pines wedgewood weddings
bride getting ready perfume

Groom Gets Ready for the Wedding

If you have a fall wedding, I recommend coordinating the groom’s colors to fit the theme. Sean’s yellow sunflower boutonniere did just that. Pinning the boutonniere can be challenging which is why he ended up having a total of 3 people help him attach his!

sunflower boutonniere pinning
groom outdoor the pines wedding venue
groom adjusting tie fall colors

First Look between Bride and Groom

The first look was captured with glowing aspen trees in the background. Michelle handed Sean a handwritten note she had written to her future husband when she was a little girl. This moment was really tender and brought a tear to the bride’s eye. Having a sentimental gift like this will make a first look one that you both will never forget. It’s important to make the moment your own and having a personal letter like this, whether it was written 10 years ago or yesterday, means a lot.

first look with bride and groom in the fall
groom excited first look
reading vows bride groom

Wedding Couples Photos in The Pines

Sean, the groom, mentioned how he really wanted to get some couples photos in the large grassy area with the pines surrounding them. We decided last minute to go for it! Despite pushing back their ceremony a few minutes, the couple and I ran up the hill to get to this gorgeous area and snagged some stunning shots! I’m really glad that the couple was willing to have some last-minute flexibility during the day because right after this the light faded and we would have missed these incredible golden hour moments. Definitely take the opportunity to snag some couples photos even if it means delaying your timeline by a few minutes!

bride groom kiss sun fall The Pines
the pines by Wedgewood weddings couple forest
the pines wedding venue
bride twirling dress
couple the pines colorado wedding

Wedding Ceremony at The Pines

The ceremony was absolutely stunning. One thing I love about this outdoor ceremony area at the Pines by Wedgewood Weddings is how charming the overhanging lights are hung over the seating area. It makes for a whimsical forest feel and my camera can capture gorgeous bokeh in the backdrop of my couples’ shots due to this feature. Audio is a big part of the ceremony experience and due to the multiple speakers around the benches and the quietness of the forest, everyone in the audience was able to tune into the spoken words and vows that the couples shared. It definitely was a tearjerker of a wedding ceremony, especially when you could feel the strong love that Michelle and Sean have for one another!

bride's mom walking down isle
groom and mother walking
groom waiting for bride alter
bride walking down isle the pines
excited bride emotion isle
ceremony trees the pines wedgewood weddings
bride hugs dad at wedding ceremony
bride and groom stand at alter the pines wedding venue
couple ceremony the pines colorado
hands exchange wedding rings
tall trees wedding ceremony Genesee
kiss couple ceremony colorado
celebration couple ceremony forest
back couple black and white wedding

Family Photo Time!

After the couple said “I do!” we captured some moments with family and friends. I personally recommend shooting family and group shots after the wedding ceremony because people have already congregated and it’s easier to rally everyone together. It’s not always easy to get everyone together especially when people want to talk and wander around. That’s why after the ceremony is a great time because people have tuned in and are easier to organize.

family group portrait the pines
group photo forest colorado wedding
wedding family grouping portrait at the pines at genesee
grandma and bride and groom at the pines at genesee wedding venue
groom and his parents portrait at the pines genesee
bride being kissed by mom and dad
bride with mother portrait
groom with brother with bokeh background
bride portrait with father at the pines at genesee
colorado family portrait with bride the pines wedgewood
bride with family portrait the pines Genesee

Ceremony Lights + Couple = Perfection!

Seizing the moment is key in wedding photography. As the couple and I walked backed to the venue building for the reception and cocktail hour, I suddenly got excited by how incredible the lights in the backdrop looked. I told my couple to pause for a brief moment so we could capture the incredible lights that were glowing as the evening progressed. In the brief moment that we paused I captured the following images and I am so glad we were able to get some additional portrait shots of the couple before heading off the celebrate the rest of the night.

couple kissing at the pines by wedgewood wedding
the pines by wedgewood lights couple kiss
bride and groom portrait at wedgewood wedding venue colorado
bride and groom portrait at wedgewood wedding venue colorado
newlywed walking at the pines genesee colorado

Back to the Wedding Venue

I love how the couple added some really charming details to their wedding decor. From the tree bark themed cake to the table settings that included photos of the couple at different places they traveled, you could really see how adding personal touches adds to the story of the day. Go with some decor and touches that are more personal! Your guests will love seeing photos of your travels and important memories on the tables.

tree bark wedding cake

Wedding Reception Continues

After the first dance between the bride and groom, it was time for the toasts and open dance floor. I love that the facility at The Pines by Wedgewood Weddings is so spacious. The sound of the DJ’s music carries nicely. Since the reception area is connected to the outdoor bar, it’s easy to cool off in the fresh night air and snag a refreshing drink.

couple cutting cake
cutting cake couple black and white kiss the pines colorado
couple dip wedding dance

Dancing the Night Away

Capturing moments of movement and fun is challenging when you’re working with still imagery. One of my techniques is to use natural motion blur to show the effect of movement and capture light in an artistic way.

colorful dancing wedding reception photo taken at the pines colorado

Night Couples Photos

Michaelle and Sean were adventurous enough that they were open to running back out to the ceremony area at night to capture some late-night couples shots. I used a few different methods to capture their moments under the sparkling lights by playing with the light effects I added to my lens and putting my off-camera flash behind them for a glowing look. They braved the cold and definitely ended up getting many worth-while shots.

overhanging sparkly lights wedding photography at the pines wedgewood weddings
couple under sparkly lights at the pines wedgewood weddings
wedding couple kissing at night sparkly lights at the pines wedgewood weddings
bride gets into car after wedding
wedding couple in car driving away black and white

Final Take

As a wedding photographer, I enjoyed shooting at the Pines by Wedgewood Weddings and would be honored to capture your special moments. If you are searching for a photographer who has experience capturing multiple weddings at this venue, let’s connect! Reach out on my contact page.

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